California will not label soft drinks and beverages sweetened with health warnings

Last February was in California (United States) a Bill to label all soft drinks and sugary drinks that exceed 75 calories with health warning messages. Subsequently, the draft law called SB 1000, was approved by the California Senate and expected would enter into force from July 1, 2015, provided the California State Assembly gave the go-ahead. The American Beverage Association, representing companies Pepsi, Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, opposed to this legislation and argued that overweight and obesity are serious problems, but not you can demonize sodas and make them solely responsible for it, ensured that only 4% of the calories in the American diet comes from the intake of soft drinks.

Well, California will not label soft drinks and sugar-sweetened beverages with warnings for health, the Bill has stalled by vote of the California State Assembly. The number of votes necessary to pass the new legislation has not been reached, we can suspect that the beverage industry has something to do and she managed to stop this new regulation.

Ferrán Adrià, auditing the creative process

A few days ago was announced the renewal of the partnership agreement between Ferrán Adrià and Telefonica until 2016, remember that Cook is Ambassador of this company since October 2010 and together they have carried out many actions of various kinds and in different countries, always with a main axis innovation and offer unique experiences. As projects continue to materializing with conferences, lectures, exhibitions and actions related to el Bulli Foundation and her fours, elBulli1846, elBulliDNA, Bullipedia and BullipediaLab.

At the moment has already presented the communication campaign of the exhibition entitled Ferrán Adrià, auditing the creative process, it's the first exhibition of the chef in Madrid, will be centered in the creative process of elBulli and the new stage of Ferrán Adrià from the closure of the restaurant, an exhibition that tries to awaken the creative potential of each one and to answer the questions so many times has put , what is creativity?, anyone can be creative?

The communication campaign is exceptional because of the extraordinary exhibition will be held at the space Foundation Telefónica in Madrid from October onwards. This campaign is based on research about the creative process, it has been created by Toni Segarra and Jorge Martínez advertisers, and he has been given the name of The Table.

Ivan Martinez, gold 2014 nose

The grand finale of the nose of gold 2014 already held and as you can see, we already have a winner, it's Iván Martínez, sommelier of the store filled (Medina de Pomar, Burgos), recall that it was the best Sommelier of the convocation held in Bilbao.

Iván Martínez has won the title of gold 2014 nose in the final which took place over two days in the Hotel Villa Magna of Madrid, where the 35 selected sommeliers in the semi-finals that have been held since last year in different communities, looking for representatives of all regions of the country have competed.

The Golden nose is a prestigious award in the wine world, awards considered 'best nose of the Spanish sommelier'. The last test that takes place in this Championship is conclusive, it only served the best five that faced the black Cup and as I have said on previous occasions, should guess what drink contains only with the use of the sense of smell.

Iván Martínez competed in this test with sommeliers Ina Soravilla of sale Murguiro (Navarra), Axel Pitarch Llorens the restaurant Plaerdemavida (Valencia), Sergio Rodriguez Fontanet restaurant Mediterraneo (Grao de Castellón) and Salvador Pardo Barbera of the Inn of the Cava-Pago de Tharsys (Requena). Much good Sommelier in the Valencian Community.

It should be noted to the second and third classified sommeliers contest the Golden nose and congratulate them also, they are Alex Pitarch of the Plaerdemavida restaurant of Sergio Rodriguez of the restaurant Mediterranean of the Grao de Castellón and Valencia.

This event has also given other prizes as the towers award to the best service and harmony, and the winner was Jose Javier Mayoral Santamaria from the corner of Spain (Burgos), while second and third position been Enric Catalá de Taca VI (Barcelona) and Brown Salvador de Tharsys Cava-Pago Inn (Requena), respectively.

Environmental impact of prepared meals

A curious study carried out by experts from the school of chemical engineering and analytical science at the University of Manchester (United Kingdom), makes a comparison of the environmental impact of ready meals and homemade versions. According to the results, the impact in terms of global warming and toxicity in humans, with prepared foods is up to 35% larger than Conn. homemade meals.

To reach this conclusion, in the research discussed the environmental impact of a dinner with a dish prepared with 365 grams of food (grilled chicken, vegetables, potatoes, carrots and tomato sauce) and the home version of the same food prepared from scratch at home. Researchers measured the environmental impact of the whole process of production which gives rise to the prepared dish until it arrives at the table, the results shows that eutrophication (type of pollution that alters the characteristics of the environment causing a reduced biodiversity ecosystems), smog photochemical (pollution of air derived from photochemical reactions, and other compounds) and the reduction of the ozone layer (depletion caused by emissions of chemical substances to the atmosphere), was up to three times higher in the prepared dish.

All versions of prepared foods, experts say is the worst option for the majority of environmental impacts previously named and others detail later, frozen prepared food that should be heated in an oven or in the microwave. But they explain that the chilled dishes that also be heated, have a greater environmental impact than the frozen dishes, the reason is the type of refrigerant used for supply chains that especially affects global warming and depletion of the ozone layer.

What does turbine in kitchen

The word turbine no is registered in the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academybut in culinary slang, and is given much use, so it is one of the terms that are going to have to look at in this normative dictionary. This word derives from 'turbine', term which provided two definitions that we won't enter for sure that you know them and it is not necessary for this blog, there are many types of turbines, but basically it's a turbomachinery which has a rotor that modifies what flows on its way.

In the kitchen is called turbine to certain tools that serve to shake, beat or blend, as the hand mixer, so if you didn't know what turbine in kitchen, surely now's it something clearer.

We often listen to chefs, or read in their books, they speak of turbine and they do when referring to beat vigorously with a mixer to blend or emulsify, but mostly used when he speaks of the development of ice cream.

The case is that advances in professional kitchen machinery have caused, among other things, ice cream being developed at the same restaurant, so the chef has more field to the creativity of the dishes, basically only have to prepare a mixture (ice cream mix) with the ingredients that give flavor to ice cream that want to develop, in addition to emulsifiers stabilizers and other.