How to sign up?

- Step 1: Sign up at Restaurantes Canarias

Go to Sign up and fill out correctly our user registration form. The fields that have an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Pay close attention to the type of account you want. Registration is free and open.

- Step 2: Check your email inbox

After correctly fill in the form and hit send, in a matter of seconds, you will receive in your e-mail data access and a link to validate your registration in which you have to click. Remember to add our email address to your contact list, so our emails will not fall as SPAM. This is one reason why can not get our emails. If this is the case, check the SPAM folder in your email account.

- Step 3: Login (login with your username and password)

With the access data (username and password) that you gave high, enters the paragraph sign in and log in to our Login. If one day you forget these data, we can reset your password if you click on "Password reset".

- Step 4: Create the mini web of your restaurant

If you've given as a corporate account / business owner, you can create the mini of your establishment by clicking "Add your restaurant". The form has 4 steps: