Lanzarote cuisine surprises with different specialties. One of the most typical cuisine of the island known products is the mojo, with its two varieties: the mojo rojo or gravel and green sauce. Red Mojo is similar to paprika sauce, while green is made ??with garlic, fresh coriander and parsley. The islanders throw these sauces on fish, meat or potatoes.

The fish is the heart of Lanzarote cuisine. With similar characteristics to the rest of the food in the Canary Islands, Lanzarote gastronomy differs mainly by the greater abundance of marine species that can be caught on its shores.

In the case conejero even greater presence of seafood is observed, both fish and shellfish, due to the maritime tradition of the island. With them dishes like stew, fish old clothes, fish broth, spatter octopus, the dogfish or jareas they are made.

The cuisine features typical Lanzarote soup: broth of millet porridge and fish soup. The soup is usually made from beans, peas or lentils. Canaries recommend for its high nutritional intake.

The good meat, fresh fish, vegetables and olive oil are part of the table of Lanzarote. They are very typical and important wines and cheeses. The dishes are the most typical way of consuming vegetables. Due to the richness of the Canary waters there are many varieties of fish. Among fish recipes include the Sancocho.

Among the meats, they are those of pig, chicken, rabbit and goat the most consumed. As for the pastries they are very typical bread and peanut threaded rod.