Gran Canaria

The kitchen of Gran Canaria as well as the other Canary Islands is a combination of Spanish cuisine, with influences from South America and Africa. Although there are dishes of Spanish cuisine authentic taste of Gran Canaria is savored in Canary specialties. Composed of a variety of vegetables, fruits and fish. The "wrinkled potatoes" are one of the most typical dish of the island, small potatoes eaten with skin and boiled with water and salt, are complemented by the "Mojo Picon" and "Green Mojo" although the latter is often used to accompany fish. Also be sure to try the "Ropa Vieja" or "Carajacas".

If you like fish, you enjoy the food of Gran Canaria. The "stew" is a kind of fish soup and the "Stew", perhaps the most popular dish in the kitchen Canaria, is salted fish with stewed potatoes and sweet potatoes, served with gofio and mojo sauce. The "Gofio" is a kind of cornmeal or wheat toast. They are also very typical of Gran Canaria the "Watercress Soup", the "soup chickpeas" or "potato soup".

To sweeten the mouth, you can taste the "bienmesabe" which is a mixture of honey, eggs, almond cream and rum, or "Yolk Mass" that is cooked with egg yolks, water, sugar, cinnamon and lemon. Also, on the island we can find a variety of tropical fruits, the undisputed star is the Canary banana, but there are mangoes, papayas and avocados.

Special mention in gastronomy is for Ron, in Arucas most cane rum factory of the islands, founded in 1884, produces more than 3.5 million liters of Ron Arehucas is. In the factory there is a museum that teaches us the history of the factory and the production process of Ron. Be sure to try the Ron Arehucas, but drink in moderation.