The local cuisine of Fuerteventura is consolidated from the ingenuity of the early settlers who inhabited the island. Their customs and ideas born a simple and superbly tasty recipes.

Its products include sea mullet, moray eels, grouper, mussels, barnacles, the Sama, the old and the whitecaps. However, one of the products that has jumped the border and positioned itself as an object of pleasure Wine Tasting & oacute; n is cheese. Its excellent quality is & aacute; guaranteed by the denomination & oacute; n de Origen since 1996

In the interior of the island have roasted cereal flour called gofio, papas con mojo (wrinkled potatoes with mojo), goat stews, meat and its famous local cheese, cheese majorero granted the designation of origin in 1996 and reowned with different international awards .The scalding Gofio Sancocho canario - salted fish stew, potatoes and yams, fish broth, marinated suckling goat and red sauce and green sauce.

Simple recipes that last in time and memory.

Fuerteventura prepares a rich variety of dishes, many of which are shared with the other islands. In any case, they are perfectly adapted to the conditions of the island, characterized by the traditional scarcity of water and the presence of tasty products.

The island has several privileged spaces where we can taste the cuisine of the island attractive, often under beautiful scenery.

Dishes and ranches, stews (with all kinds of vegetables grown on the island: pumpkin, bubangos, zucchini, potatoes, peas, beans, etc.), such as Canary stew, soups and green (to egg based, potatoes and parsley) are common in the towns of the Canary archipelago.

Also highlight the majorero cheese made exclusively from goat's milk and its conservation is usually spread with gofio, oil and paprika, which gives a curious piquant. And as gofio present at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ourists will find many typical Canarian recipes during your stay. The aridity of the soil, makes everything culture obtained is considered a miracle.

The pastry of Fuerteventura, frangollo milk, lemon zest, egg yolks and almonds, majorero cake with chickpea flour, cheese fritters and goat cheese tart is one of the most representative desserts.