El Hierro

The cuisine on the island of El Hierro configured as dishes: fish; dishes prepared from prickly pears; wrinkled potatoes (small potatoes boiled in salt water) as a side dish par excellence; gofio (toasted cereal flour) which can be prepared for both breakfast, condiments and desserts; Typical sauces are:

The mojo rojo and mojo verde, made with vinegar, oil, garlic, salt, spices and, of course, the famous quesadillas are a sweet whose main base is the cheese. All this can be enjoyed with a fine wine from the island of DO.

Fish is probably the most common Canarian staple, be it fresh or salted, and usually accompanied by a wide selection of "Mojos" sauces made with a mixture of olive oil and spices.

The "Sancocho" is one of the traditional fish stews made from sama, grouper or sea bass.

The "Quesadilla" is one of the typical desserts on the island of El Hierro and is made with cheese and years.