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There are many ways through which marketing campaigns can be taken, but communication online is the new means of mass on the planet.

The new mass audience is young (15 to 65 years aprox.), is active, and enjoy new challenges.

Two-way communication that is accomplished with online advertising allows that advertisers can learn about and better understand their customers, at the same time making them get their messages.

Communication on the Internet differs clearly from the other media; It offers more possibilities of interaction than television, newspapers or magazines. Because of its wide coverage, it allows awareness of the brand and has a fundamental influence on purchasing decisions.

The report by Forrester research team points out that online ads will increase to 18% of the market share, from the current 9%. It also adds that currently 52% of people are frequently connected and spend more time watching television online.

According to the researchers, the European Internet users currently spend 14.3 hours online a week, instead of 11.3 hours that spend watching TV and 4.4 hours passing reading newspapers or magazines.

As a result of this increase in the use of the Internet, 36% of people who are connected say spend less time watching television.

According to the study: "After about ten years of making contact with the online advertising companies they have realized that the network is a valuable tool for acquisition and customer retention and market expansion".

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