About us

Restaurantes Canarias is an advertising portal that was developed to promote the gastronomy in our Canary Islands.

Restaurantes Canarias this since 2014, which makes it the first and most complete interactive restaurant guide of the Canary Islands, with great presence online and easily reachable.

It is the only specialized in promoting restaurants in Canary guide. It contains all the necessary location information of restaurants, with names, addresses, areas, neighborhoods, specialties, schedules, photographs, etc...

many restaurants updated daily making it the most complete and used for anyone looking for a gastronomic place of our Canary Islands.

This guide Gastronomica born with the aim of providing detailed information on all people living on the islands and those who visit occasionally or holiday and in turn through the Internet.

We offer also, to all the restaurants, based on latest technologies that allow them to publicize their facilities and manage all their tourism tools.

For the development of Restaurantes Canarias, we have a professional in the world of fine dining in and out of the islands multidisciplinary team of programmers, designers and, with their knowledge and dedication have made this site a place of great interest.